Attention Prospective Educators

Submit a Pre-employment Application

Substitute Educators and Substitute Educator Assistants are consistently in high demand, and from time to time, we conduct searches for full-time Educators and Educator Assistants.

To apply for a position at Foundations Christian Montessori Academy, please fax Pre-employment Application and a current resume, to the Administrative Office at (941) 907-3028, or drop it off at 4141 Desoto Road, Sarasota, FL 34235 or email it to [email protected]

Pre-employment Application

Application Procedure

  1. Submit Pre-employment Application w/ current resume
  2. As position(s) become available, applicant will be contacted and an appointment will be scheduled for an initial interview.
  3. As a final step in the hiring process, considered applicants will be scheduled for a working interview.
  4. Upon acceptance, the applicant will be scheduled an appointment with the Administrative Office at which time the employee must:
    • Complete employee application packet
    • Submit copy of drivers license and Social Security Card
      (or other acceptable forms of ID that prove eligibility for employment)
    • Submit copies of any certification, transcripts, diplomas, and any other documentation that would be pertinent to the position for which you are applying
    • Submit three personal and three professional written references
    • Sign an authorization for a local and federal background check
    • Complete orientation and review of employee handbook
Foundations Christian Montessori Academy is committed to employment opportunity for all qualified persons, without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, sex, marital status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, veteran’s status, age, or any other applicable protected class so determined by state or local statue or code, to the extent of the law. This applies to all employment practices, including hiring, promotions, training, disciplinary action, termination, and benefits. Foundations Christian Montessori Academy does, however, reserve the right to employ persons who have a denominational background and philosophy of ministry similar to ours and who, in the opinion of the governing head, have a work history and a life style that is consistent with Scriptural principles. The governing head shall make the final decisions concerning noncompliance with these conditions. All employment decisions will be made in compliance with applicable employment-related laws.

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