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Our synergistic community engages the child’s hands, challenges their minds and inspires their hearts.

Foundations Christian Montessori Academy was founded to provide a place where parents could send their children to receive an excellent academic education while still teaching them the morals and values of the Christian faith. For more than 12 years, we have faithfully instilled within our students both the knowledge and character needed for success in college and in life.

As you walk the halls of our academy, you will find a quiet, professional environment. Yet, within this structured setting, you will discover a family-oriented community of teachers and students, where mutual love and respect extend beyond the four walls of the classroom. It’s not uncommon to see a 6th grader high-five a first-grader in the hallway, and most elementary students know the names of our middle school students.

Foundations Christian Montessori Academy is committed to helping our students develop a Biblical worldview. Beyond their personal faith in God and His plan for salvation, there is also a real need to teach the next generation about God’s plan for every area of life and society: government, finance, family, charity, community, and more.

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About Us

Our Vision and Mission

To lay a strong foundation to build up the next generation so that they will live biblically, think critically, act responsibly, lead righteously, work cooperatively, communicate effectively, and become lifelong learners.

Our Core Values

Foundations Christian Montessori is distinctively Christian – everything that we do and teach is rooted in the Christian faith and founded upon God and His Word.

Foundations Christian Montessori Academy is distinctively Montessori – our trained Montessori educators and prepared learning environments support the child’s natural desire to learn while at the same time encourage and support the child’s full potential.

Foundations Christian Montessori Academy is a community of grace – we go beyond just rules and consequences in order to reach the hearts of our students and inspire faith-based transformation.

Foundations Christian Montessori Academy is responsive – we strive to exceed expectations and provide a positive school experience for every student and parent.

Foundations Christian Montessori Academy is forward-thinking – we value innovation and strive to discover the best practices for student learning.

Foundations Christian Montessori Academy is purpose-driven – we lead, serve, and teach with great passion because we are confident in what God has called us to do. We work to cultivate that same passion in every one of our students.

Foundations Christian Montessori Academy is a people with open arms – we love people and gladly welcome others into our school family, both from within our local community and from all the nations of the world.

Foundations Christian Montessori Academy is a safe haven – we provide an environment where students are protected both physically and emotionally, and provide a loving atmosphere where they can grow into the person God has called them to be without fear.

Excellence – Experience – Everyone

Foundations Christian Montessori Academy is about Excellence

We value hard work and a commitment to the best in all areas. That’s why students receive opportunities to grow in academics, character, leadership, service, the arts, athletics, and their Christian faith. We believe in educating the whole child… mind, body, and spirit.

Foundations Christian Montessori Academy is about Experience

Our educators are veteran teachers with college degrees and Montessori certifications. With the ability to coordinate curriculum and instructional material from toddlers through middle school, students are guaranteed a seamless education as they transition through the different levels of our school.

Foundations Christian Montessori Academy is about Everyone

We believe that we can be no more than the sum of our parts. We value the partnership of the parents, students, and teachers who work on behalf of our school community. Together, we’re committed to meeting the individual needs of every student, exactly where they’re at.

“Foundations has been a wonderful environment for my two girls over the past three years. The teachers and staff truly love and support each and every child like their own, which gives me peace of mind. The curriculum challenges my girls in a fun, creative way cultivating advanced development and a love of learning.”

Wendy H.

“Foundations methods and academic level of teaching are of a much higher level than many of the other schools we had looked into. The staff’s knowledge, dedication, kindness, consistency, and willingness to communicate with our family has been wonderful. Our daughter has been enrolled for a little over 6 months now. We have been very impressed with her overall development in this time. Our daughter has become such an independent little girl who loves her school. We are so confident that we made the right decision in choosing Foundations. We have recommended Foundations in the past and will continue to do so.”

Chris and Lisa S.

“Foundations was recommended to us by a co-worker. After looking at other recommended day care providers, we selected Foundations. One thing that stood out to us was the enthusiasm that Heather Downing-Angersoll showed during the tour of the facility. It was evident that she put her heart and soul into the school. It is not just her business but her passion. We have seen the same level of commitment and compassion from all of the teachers at the school which gives us great confidence every day as we leave our babies in their care. The curriculum has exceeded our expectations and our children enjoy going to school every day. Foundations is not the closest option for us but, it is the very best that Sarasota has to offer which makes it the best choice for our children”

Holly U.

“Every day for the past 15 months we have brought the most precious miracle of our lives to spend the day at Foundations Academies. He is now 17 months old and he can’t wiggle out of my arms fast enough to run to his teacher when I drop him off in the mornings. I know that the well behaved and bright little boy he has grown into is hugely due to the consistent care and education he receives daily at Foundations. It is a very clean facility with common areas and outdoor play areas that are suitable children of every age to enjoy. In the beginning, I would often be questioned by friends as to how I felt handing a newborn baby over to complete strangers each day. The answer? From the first day, we never felt like strangers. The women who own, manage, and teach at Foundations are all amazing people. And knowing my son is with people who are caring, attentive, and knowledgeable about childcare puts me completely at ease. Foundations is a secure, loving place with educational capabilities well above the industry standard.”

Andrea and Todd B.


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